3 month plan

Hey! I have some really cool stuff coming up in the next 3 months, so I thought I'd share the plans with you guys.

March 2016

I'm going to be finishing up Build PacMan, my book which is an introduction to modern Javascript, HTML5 Canvas, and parts of EmberJS. In it we (can you guess?) build PacMan. We also follow along with a brave scientist-turned-PAC-driver as he fights the alien Ghosts that are invading his post-apocalyptic world. For copyright reasons, I've made it a parody.

When I'm not writing the book, releasing videos, or doing client work, I expect to be working with some designers to make the front page of the site and the signup flow so that it will look more professional.

I'll also be at EmberConf, so say hi to me there.

April 2016

The big changes this month will be in how series are displayed. In preparation for the May 2016 changes, I want to make it easier to see series as a whole and watch them straight through.

I don't have a final design in mind, but LaraCasts has a great setup that I'll draw inspiration from.

And of course, I'll be releasing the usual 2 videos per week, and working to get a head start on some May series.

This will also be the last month on my consulting contract, so you can expect some big stuff coming in May.

May 2016

This month will be yuuuuuuge. Because I'll be done with my consulting contract, I can focus full-time on education.

The bad news is that now education has to pay the bills, so the pro membership will go up for new customers (so subscribe now to lock in the current rate of $10/month). I'm not exactly sure what the new rate will be, but if you subscribe now and stay subscribed it won't matter.

The good news is that I'll be able to provide so much more education. Two big series I plan to publish in May are the Getting Started With Ember and Introduction to Ember Testing. They'll be tracking series, with the latter testing what we create in the former.

I'll also be breaking the tyranny of the twice-a-week cycle and start posting stuff when it's done- either when the screencast is done or when the series is done. While it may result in a couple dry weeks here and there (long conferences, difficult series, other projects, vacation(?)), overall there will be much more content coming your way- and it should all be guaranteed fresh.

Also in May I'll be giving some talks and starting to work on building trainings.

Let's get it done

This is just a tentative plan- I'm open to feedback- but I'm excited about where this train is headed. Hopefully you are too- if you haven't already, hop aboard.