February Improvements

February saw a large number of improvements, mostly focused on improving the non-screencast ways that I communicate with my customers.

  • Fixed bug that made Disqus eat comments (but unfortunately could not get the comments un-eaten)
  • Basic integration tests
  • Created this blog
  • Integrate with Drip- Add new users to my mailing list automatically
  • Dunning emails, to tell you when your credit card expires or is failing (via Stunning.co)
  • Redesigned the Explore page + made subjects display based on frequency (word-cloud style) and series sort based on the most recent video.
  • Fixed video speed bug again.
  • Improved Styling for sign-in/sign-up and account management pages
  • Short (2-minute) questionnaire sent to those who unsubscribe
  • Began working with some designers to improve front page and signup flow (results next month)

In addition to these improvements, and releasing new videos (about ES2015, one-way data binding, and CRUD apps), I released Season 1 of the Real World Ember podcast and an alpha version of a new book for beginners, BUILD PACMAN.

So all in all, a very busy month! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.